Elon Musk has added "trucker" to his resume. On Thursday night Tesla unveiled its new semi truck and surprised the audience with the reveal of a new Roadster. Christian Prenzler, VP of Business Development at Teslarati, and Alasdair Wilkins, Innovation Editor at Inverse, join Cheddar to discuss the company's new shiny objects. The major question on everyone's mind is: Why is Tesla focused on a new car when the company is still having issues producing the Model 3? Wilkins says that the semi-truck will actually use technology and parts from the Model 3 in its design. So Musk has even more of an incentive to get the production of the Model 3 running smoothly. Prenzler thinks the reveal of the semi-truck is getting investors very excited. He says they are eager to see innovation in a new category. However, does Musk have too many projects in the fire right now? Wilkins says it's a trend that Musk juggle a lot at once and investors shouldn't be worried. Tesla also revealed a new Roadster with a $200,000 price tag. Wilkins says this doesn't mean the company believes the mass-market Model 3 will be a failure, but it is a move to prove Tesla can set any record they want. Musk notes that the car will be able to go above 250 mph. Prenzler says we will most likely see significant demand for this new Roadster because, it's closer to the customers the company has attracted in the past.