Many investors have jumped on board Tesla, buying into Elon Musk's hype for the Model 3. But not everyone is bullish on the cult stock. Jeffrey Osborne, Managing Director and Senior Analyst at Cowen, joined us to discuss why he thinks the electric carmaker has more to lose than to win. With his $170 price target, Osborne is one of the most bearish analysts on Tesla. He believes delays in Model 3 production, the ramp of the Gigafactory, and integration of SolarCity could lead to increased cash burn levels. Osborne points to a commitment made by Musk to open two new factories to make both cars and batteries, which could cost $10 billion combined. Tesla was originally supposed to unveil a new electric semi-truck next week but was forced to postpone it because of an increased focus on production and to help get batteries to Puerto Rico, devastated by Hurrican Maria. When asked whether Tesla is spreading itself too thin, Osborne says he wishes the company would table trucking for the year and revisit the industry in 2018.