Texas has not elected a freshman female congresswoman to a full term in over 22 years. Laura Moser is hoping to change that by running to represent the state's seventh congressional district in this year's midterm elections. She joins Cheddar to discuss why the time is right to challenge the 17-year Republican incumbent John Culberson.

Moser is one of approximately 50 women running for Congress in Texas. She explains why she doesn't think the wave would have been possible had Hillary Clinton been elected president in 2016. The first-time candidate puts her race in the context of this year's women's marches, #MeToo, and Time's Up movements.

Moser explains how her five-year-old daughter Claudia helped inspire her to run for office. She says explaining Clinton's loss to her served as an impetus for launching her campaign. Moser has worked in journalism and publishing in addition to launching a political engagement app called Daily Action.