The bed-in-a-box industry is changing the way people shop for mattresses. Consumer Reports' Mary Beth Quirk joins Cheddar to discuss the non-profit's cover story about the evolving state of the mattress industry. Despite getting all the headlines, bed-in-a-box brands still only account for a small fraction of the market.

Quirk tells us why the phenomenon stills feels like a novelty for most shoppers, despite being around for a few years. She also explains the challenge they pose to Consumer Reports' "try before you buy" policy. Helpful return policies make the practice a viable one for beds ordered online.

The online consumer editor speaks to which types of mattresses get the highest marks when it comes to quality. She also tells us whether the showroom model is working out for digital retailers. Quirk considers whether the bed-in-a-box industry is a bubble primed to pop, with almost 200 brands and counting.