It's that time of the year again where you really can't trust anything you read online.  After many companies decided to pause their April Fools' tricks in 2020, some are back up to their hijinks again in 2021. 
And while some like Voltswagen…er, Volkswagen...are finding themselves in a PR quagmire after finding journalists don't always appreciate their sense of humor days before April Fools Day, others have decided that the prank marketing ploys are worth the eye rolls. Here are a few floating around this year: 

Cartoon Network

Forget Cartoon Network, it's the all about Cat-toon Network this April Fools' Day. Everything is cat-themed, from "Keeping Up with the Katdashians" to "Search Paw-ty" to "Meowalorian" to "Better Call Tom." You groan to your friends, but deep down inside, you know you love Dad jokes.

Adult Swim 

Not just for the elderly and mature, Adult Swim is launching a version for the children. Adult Swim Jr. features kid-friendly versions of your favorite hits like "Rick and Morty Babies."


For anyone who's had the Kars4Kids commercial jingle stuck in your head — a ditty which Conan O'Brien believes is the only song playing on Hell's radio station — the company is singing a new tune.


If you're a fan of second-guessing yourself, Reddit has a special subreddit game where you can win points if you can guess which item will get the second most votes. Yes, it's kind of silly, but oddly addicting. 

Bud Light

You know what would make your gluten-free alcoholic seltzer better? Adding some carb flavor into that mix. Bud Light Seltzer has come out with a pizza-themed 12-pack, so you can toss back a few cold ones with a hint of anchovy, extra cheese, pepperoni, and veggies in the bubbles. 

Peeps and Green Giant

Not to be outdone in the gross flavor category, Peeps and Green Giant have teamed up to make sure you eat your veggies…or at least your obligatory marshmallow animal Easter treat. Green Giant Cauliflower-flavored Peeps prove cauliflower can't replace your favorite carbs. Let's be honest: Most of you are just lying to yourselves when you say cauliflower rice or cauliflower pizza crust tastes better than the real thing. It just doesn't. 


Cheese makes everything better, so why not add it to your skincare routine? Velveeta's smooth creaminess now doubles as a delectable moisturizer and a salty serum, lactose intolerance be damned. 


Don't worry about another toilet paper shortage when you have your handy, dandy Emergency Wiping Rock. While it doesn't come in ultra-soft or double ply, you do have your choice of smooth or coarse grit levels. Warning: Not exactly flushable. 

Guitar Center

For a hair-raising experience, head over to Guitar Center's homepage. There are plenty of picks to help you rock the look. (Insert rim shot sound here) 


Those pesky Legos are always underfoot. But these new SmartBricks from the brand will put themselves away so you won't have to curse the high heavens when one penetrates your sole. Some assembly still required.

T-Mobile and TikTok

Instead of jokes, T-Mobile and TikTok are encouraging users to highlight people who have contributed to their lives through #GiveThanksNotPranks and to continue to spread social good. T-Mobile is also promoting donations for Donors Choose, which will provide classroom supplies for teachers and students. No tomfoolery here, just good vibes that you're helping out your fellow humans.