BetaWorks, a start-up platform responsible for internet companies such as Giphy, is introducing a brand new business. BetaWorks Studios, a membership club for builders, is offering entrepreneurs and creatives the space to work on their projects. John Borthwick, CEO of BetaWorks, and Daphne Kwon, BetaWorks Studios COO and President, joined us to break down the companies new venture.

John explained that entrepreneurs, as well as creatives and freelancers, will be able to collaborate in the new Studios tech hub. They aren't the only game in town, however. SoHo House, a competitor, operates down the block and offers an annual membership with access to 18 locations. Borthwick said their incubator will be better because of the deep expertise within the BetaWorks network, which has helped bring internet companies such as Giphy to life.