Crypto Craze hosts Brad Smith and Tim Steno dive into the biggest trends in cryptocurrency this week. Cheddar Producer Eitan Levine explains the technology behind blockchain and Bitcoin. We speak with the CEO of the latest player in the cryptocurrency space "Ripple XRP." Plus, SoFi Vice President John Foley offers his advice for investors.

Ripple XRP is now up more than 90 percent over the past couple days. The excitement around cryptocurrency is separating the signal from the noise says Garlinghouse. He says its important to recognize the reality in solving a real problem with real customers. Ripple is using blockchain technology to solve a cross-border payments problem says Garlinghouse.

Foley advises clients to not invest more money in cryptocurrency than they can afford to lose. "Fear of missing out should be fighting with a fear of losing money," says Foley. Foley also recommends to diversity investments with several types of cryptocurrency.