If you can't grow plants to save your life, then Gardenuity may be the subscription service for you. Gardenuity is a direct-to-consumer gardening company that sends you everything you need to grow your own garden. The company matches you with plants based on your skill level and where you live, and helps you step-by-step through the process with alerts and messages. Donna Letier, CEO and Founder of Gardenuity, joins Cheddar with some of her plants. Letier explains that the time is right for Gardenuity because, as a consumer base, we are more interested than ever in eating clean, and knowing what goes into our food. She explains that the service is opt-in, rather than opt out. Meaning customers get alerts after their herbs are done with a life cycle, and then have the option to order more. Gardenuity is the only direct-to-consumer gardening kit company around. The company has raised $3 million to date, and plans to continue expanding. Their plants can be grown in gardens, on patios, on windowsills, or wherever!