Cheddar explores how technology has disrupted how we listen to music and the hoops artists have to jump through to make an impact and get paid in the streaming world. The Game, has been successfully navigating the music industry for 15 years. The hip-hop icon sat down with Cheddar to discuss his new and possibly final album 'Born 2 Rap' and looked back at his extraordinary career. And while the music industry is constantly changing, one man has been keeping track of it all. The first edition of Donald Passman's 'All You need to Know About the Music Industry' was released in 1991. The 10th edition just hit shelves. The veteran music lawyer sat down with Cheddar's Alyssa Julya Smith to discuss his new book and how streaming technology turned the music world upside down. Vevo rolled out their list of 20 musical acts they believe will breakthrough in 2020. The program is now in its 6th year and past alumni include hit makers like Billie Eillish, Alessia Cara and Lewis Capaldi. Jordan Glickson the VP of Music & Talent at Vevo, spoke to Cheddar's Brad Smith about the musicians featured on 'DSCVR Artists to Watch' 2020. The internet has certainly complicated how musicians get paid for their work, but it also provides a new way to get noticed. Artists like Troye Sivan and Shawn Mendes managed to turn YouTube vlogging and Vine into superstars. Now, one producer and musician is helping influencers and viral creators find mainstream success. Producer and artist, Elli Moore, joined Cheddar to discuss her production team and her own music career. The Click Five, Damien Rice, Jem, Duffy. Do those names sound vaguely familiar to you? If so, you were probably listening to those artists on your iPod in the mid to late 2000's. If you haven't given them a lot of thought lately, that's probably because they have fallen victim to what Esquire Editor-at-Large, Dave Holmes, calls 'The Deleted Years.' The former MTV VJ joined Cheddar to discuss an era of music most of us have forgotten.