Since Knixwear was created in 2013, the company has sold over 1 million bras and pairs of underwear. The intimates brand broke Kickstarter records with the most funded fashion project in the history of the site. Their 8-in-1 evolution bra did $1.6 million in pre-sales.

Joanna Griffiths, Founder and CEO of Knixwear joins Cheddar to explain how she got the idea for her company. Griffiths wanted to create clothing that adapted to the needs of women. Knixwear has been committed to making active women intimates, and they classify intimates as anything that touches a person's skin.

In the coming months, Knixwear is looking to launch a t-shirt that will help manage underarm sweat. Griffiths said the company will also debut a heavy-duty sports bra that, the entrepreneur claims, will blow the competition out of the water.