A Turning Point for Cryptocurrencies

February 9, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

Cheddar's "The Crypto Craze" covers the latest trends, and news in the space. the cryptocurrency is floating around the $8,000 mark after a dip on Tuesday. The price has been slowly climbing again. The same pattern has been seen in other major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Ripple.The price of cryptocurrencies have been mostly stable is the last couple days, a big contrast to the Dow's major moves and volatile swings. Cheddar's Brad Smith and Hope King break down the factors driving this stability and the state of regulation in this space.

Recently the S.E.C. stated it wants to have more of a role in the regulation of cryptocurrency. Tom Smith, Associate Professor at Emory University's Goizueta Business School, joins The Crypto Craze to discuss what that means for crypto traders and more!

Smith cites that the CEO of Ripple recently said we should stop thinking of cryptocurrency are currencies, but more as an underlying asset. Smith believes if people change their mindset, the market for cryptocurrency will change as well.

Peter J. Ferrara, policy analyst and Senior Fellow for Legal Affairs at The Heartland Institute explains a new version of bitcoin called AML bitcoin, which takes the anonymity out of each transaction. He says this change in the technology may flourish if the SEC takes a stronger hold on the regulation of crypto.

Plus, Ferrara believes this is a turning point crypto because now each "wallet" will be tied to a biometric identity. Up until now it's been a little like the wild, wild west. There weren't any laws or sanctions and that caused problems with money laundering and even using crypto as a payment for terrorism.