Debra Borchardt, Author at Seeking Alpha and Editor-In-Chief of Green Market Report, discusses innovations in cannabis technology. Specifically, she talks about a company called GrowGeneration Corp. which owns and operates specialty retail hydroponic and organic gardening stores for cannabis growers. She talks about the company's great earnings report this quarter and the future growth of stores around America. She says that some public companies on the Canadian exchange are "shady," and investors really need to do their homework when investing. She's really looking into GrowGeneration Corp. and although right now it's considered a penny-stock, she believes it will quickly cross the $2 a share threshold. Borchardt believes investor interest is driving growth in agricultural technology. This impacts the cannabis industry in a positive way but can also parlay into other crop cultivation in the future. She also weighs in on how the new administration has addressed the cannabis industry. Officials like Attorney General Jeff Sessions came in one year ago with guns blazing but haven't really acted on the harsh words they had for the industry. She believes the industry isn't as worried anymore and will continue to push for states to legalize the drug.