The Daily Show's Writers' Room Exemplifies "Burstiness"

February 13, 2018
Updated 7mo ago

Author Adam Grant recently made what might be a startling discovery: your coworkers might know you better than you know yourself!

“It turns out that...if we work together...I know a bunch of things about you that you either don’t know, or aren’t willing to admit, that are relevant to how well you can do your job,” he told Cheddar.

Grant partnered with TED to launch a new podcast “WorkLife” and visited a variety of workplaces across industries.

He says be helping people see themselves through the eyes of coworkers, they can gain a self-awareness that could improve productivity, encouraging employees to seek feedback, better adapt to tasks, and collaborate with others.

He also learned about dynamics that could help groups thrive.

“We went into the writers’ room at ‘The Daily Show’ to try to understand group creativity,” he said. “The thing that jumped out was this idea called ‘burstiness.’ It’s when a group of people literally looks like they’re bursting with ideas.”

Grant, a faculty member at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, co-authored “Option B” with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. He has also worked with companies such as Google and the NBA.

New episodes of WorkLife will debut every Wednesday starting February 28th.