The Dark Side of Adoption

November 13, 2017
Updated 7mo ago
Leigh Barnes, North America Regional Director at Intrepid Travel, joins Cheddar to bring awareness to the corruption of many orphanages across the world. Barnes says four of out five children living in orphanages in developing nations actually have living family members but are "sold" into adoption. He says countries are using these children as marketing ploys to convince tourists to donate money. Barnes explains how dangerous it is for tourist groups to come through orphanages. He says that people are often not vetted, and it is basically like handing your children over to strangers every day. Intrepid Travel has stopped offering trips to orphanages on trips abroad. Plus, a lot of these children will get attached to the tourists coming through, who ultimately never come back. It's a psychology that's harmful to the children. Intrepid Travel is trying to spread awareness and help tourists determine the difference between corrupt orphanages and legit ones.