TBS' hit comedy "The Detour" is heading to Alaska for its upcoming third season. Natalie Zea is one of the stars of the critically-acclaimed series, and joins Cheddar to discuss what's in store for the Parker family in this new phase of their adventure. The sitcom picks back up with the family on the lam, and heading north to run from the authorities.

Zea is expanding her resume this season, moving into the director's chair for her directing debut. She reveals the biggest challenges in taking on this new role, and what she's learned from executive producers Jason Jones and Samantha Bee. She also discusses how she's using her experience as an actor to better approach giving notes to the show's cast.

"The Detour" is one of the most-watched cable shows on TV. Zea considers how the series became such a hit in a very crowded media landscape. She attributes the show's success to word of mouth.