Alden Blease, founder of plant-based energy bar company Redd, gives us the inspiration behind his founding of the company, which began when he was in college and went through his meal plan too early into the semester. Blease discusses the makeup of each bar, which is completely plant-based and GMO-free, with ingredients like pumpkin seeds and caffeine. We speak with the founder about the recent change in attitude surrounding vegan foods, with Blease estimating that there will continue to be innovation in that world of food development for the next 20 to 30 years. He discusses his personal journey with veganism, which began with him trying different diets while seeking enhancements in his athletic performance. Blease adds that he uses his body like a "laboratory," and after trying paleo and low-carb diets, he realized that veganism was the one that made him feel strongest. Blease also discusses the financial health of the company, adding that Amazon is where it's seen a great amount of growth - 30% month over month. Each bar retails for around $3.99.