New York City's iconic newsstands have gotten a major upgrade. In 2015, New Stand opened it's first cart in the Union Square subway. Now, the company has 25 carts around the city. New Stand carts sell the essentials like Advil and bandaids, but they also sell new gadgets and tech you've never seen. The company partners with unique brands that have loyal followings. Andrew Deitchman, CEO and Co-founder of New Stand, and Lex Kendall, COO and Co-founder of New Stand, join Cheddar to explain their rapid growth. The pair explains how their brick and mortar strategy is unique and strong. By having their "stores" live in places where consumers pass on a daily basis and are generally bored/interested, revenue and discovery opportunities are plentiful. When asked about future growth, Deitchman and Kendall think they could hit 40 locations by the end of 2018. Eventually, they hope to be in airports around the country.