A report by Yahoo revealed that an FBI probe into NCAA corruption identifies possible violations by basketball powerhouse schools including Kentucky, UNC, Kansas, Duke, Texas, and more than 15 others. Sports Attorney Jason Belzer, President at Game, broke down the implications of the allegations.

Several top NBA prospects and recently drafted players were linked to impermissible benefits, such as cash advances and entertainment and travel expenses. Names listed include Duke's Wendell Carter Jr., Michigan State's Miles Bridges, and Alabama's Collin Sexton. Belzer isn't surprised by the allegations. He believes that until players get a share of the revenue that the schools get, these transactions will continue to be a part of recruitment.

The average compensation for a college basketball or football player is around $250,000-$300,000, including items such as tuition and room and board, according to Belzer. The top players generate an estimated $3 million to $5 million for their schools, he added. Belzer said a compensation structure that could fix the problem would be one that allows players to accept certain amounts of compensation. The easiest way, he said, would be to put money into a trust fund for the athletes.