"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is making big bucks at the box office and the toy store. The Toy Insider's Jackie Breyer joins Cheddar with the hottest toys inspired by the new sequel. She describes how important toys and merchandise have been to the franchise since it first premiered in the 1970's.

The newest slate of intergalactic toys includes an AR Jedi challenge. Breyer walks us through the technology and considers whether this might be AR's moment to break through in the toy market. She also shows us the most lifelike BB-8 toy yet.

"Star Wars" and LEGO have a long history of collaboration. The Breyer shows off an intricate set depicting one of the movie's most iconic scenes. She also shows us a "Star Wars"-inspired smart speaker, and a helmet that will make you feel like you're fighting the First Order in your backyard.