Here at Cheddar we talk a lot about how social media impacts the advertising industry. Eytan Elbaz, Chairman and Co-Founder of Render Media, says branded content is the fastest growing type of advertising. While this used to be considered product placement, it now integrates a product naturally into a piece of social content on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Elbaz says there's a big spectrum for this type of content, ranging from high-end premium videos to quick bursts of content that is pushed out to a variety of channels every day. While many media companies are reliant on Facebook's algorithm, Elbaz says the platform can demand advertisers buy space because of the sheer size of its audience. But Facebook isn't a content creator itself, Elbaz points out. So these creators have the ability to build their own equity on these platforms. Branded food content is currently dominating social feeds. Elbaz says Render Media's company "Opposing Views" stands apart in this space because it gives brands an opportunity to align their products with the social impact content that millennials care about. One example is a video sponsored by food delivery platform Instacart, which showcases how the platform can be used by elderly people.