It's been nearly two weeks since reports of Harvey Weinstein sexually harassing women surfaced. Now, brother Bob Weinstein is under fire for similar accusations. Holly Caplan, the author of "Surviving the D**k Clique," joins Cheddar to discuss how women can put an end to the "boy's club" culture in the workplace. Caplan says men like Harvey Weinstein and President Trump set a precedent for bad-boy behavior in the workplace. She believes the most important thing women can do to end this behavior is to speak up. She defines "d**k behavior" as anytime someone is bullied, shamed, or ranked. This is something Caplan has experienced first-hand in her 20-year career working in medical device sales. Her book "Surviving the D**k Clique" is a guide to empowering women in the male-dominated workforce. Her top survival tips include calling out the bullying, not engaging in self-doubt, and staying true to yourself.