Boeing is set to deliver the last commercial 747 'Jumbo Jet' to Atlas Air this week, closing an era that began 53 years ago with the iconic Pan Am passenger jet. The jet was designed to meet the needs of mass air travel, with its wide body, twin-asiles, and humpback profile. 
The plane was assembled at Boeing Everett production line in Washington. Atlas Air is a New York-based cargo, charter, and passenger airline. 
The plane has a cult following among some aviation aficionados. One such fan, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, took the band on tour in its own 747 known as "Ed Force One.
While Boeing will no longer produce 747s, jumbo planes are currently experiencing a resurgence. Airlines have started using the larger planes amid delivery delays of newer aircraft. 
After a difficult couple of years for Boeing following the crash of two 747 Max planes, the company is now seeing a spike in new orders. The company delivered 480 planes in 2022, compared to 340 in 2021, and accepted 774 new orders last year, compared to 479 the year before.