The TV industry is in the middle of a reboot revolution with iconic franchises returning to the small screen like we've never seen them before. Actress Courtney Henggeler joins Cheddar to discuss the latest installment of "The Karate Kid" franchise as "Cobra Kai" heads to YouTube Red. The series will see the original movie's star Ralph Macchio return to reprise his beloved role.

Henggeler describes how the series differs from the 1984 hit movie. She tells us what it's like playing the wife of a character she first saw on screen thirty years ago. The "Mom" and "Big Bang Theory" star also reveals how working on a broadcast TV production differs from a streaming project.

Finally, we put Henggeler to the test to see how much trivia she knows about 1984, the year the original "Karate Kid" debuted. Find out if she knows the year's top-grossing movie, highest-rated TV show, and top-selling album.