Matt Lauer breaks his silence after losing his job amid allegations of sexual harassment. Us Weekly's Jennifer Peros joins us to discuss the latest claims against the longtime anchor of "Today." Wednesday's bombshell "Variety" report includes detailed accusations against Lauer, including that he once gave a colleague a sex toy.

Peros reveals whether she thinks Lauer's statement went far enough. While he did apologize for his actions, Lauer says some of the claims against him are either not true or mischaracterized. We consider whether his words are enough to leave the door open for a potential return to the limelight down the road.

Then, we weigh NBC's role in the scandal. On Wednesday, Chairman Andy Lack said the accusations against Lauer were the first against the former anchor in his two-decade stint at the network. However, the Variety report includes claims that employees did bring such matters to the attention of executives, but were met with deaf ears. Peros speaks to what NBC will need to do to come back from the controversy.