Harry Potter fans have something to celebrate. The creators of Pokemon Go have announced they are launching a Harry Potter AR game in 2018. Ashley Jenkins, Host of Rooster Teeth's "The Know," joins Cheddar to discuss what the game may look like. There aren't many details about the specs, but Jenkins says it will involve players learning spells before exploring their neighborhoods to search for mysterious artifacts and fight "legendary beasts." She expects this game to be just as popular as Pokemon Go, even though the two don't necessarily have the same fan base. In other news, on Thursday Electronic Arts announced it will acquire Respawn Entertainment, maker of Titanfall. The price tag on the deal is well over $400 million. Jenkins isn't surprised by this deal; she says everyone knows that EA is trying to acquire more gaming studios. With multiple projects currently in development, Respawn will still put out a new title in the Titanfall franchise, a game set in the Star Wars universe. Plus, what's the latest take on the Xbox One X? Jenkins says it's really a spectacular console. She says even if you don't have a 4K TV you can enjoy a lot of the display redesigns and upgrades. She says Playstation is still better when it comes to exclusive titles, but if you're looking for an update the Xbox One X is certainly a console you should be looking at.