Keecker is the newest smart robot on the market. It doesn't only want to be your smart speaker, it also wants to be your movie player, video camera, personal assistant, and more. Pierre Lebeau, CEO and founder of Keecker, joins Cheddar to display his brand new robot. The ex-Googler wanted to create something that could follow consumers from room to room and act as a personal assistant in every way. A Keecker goes for $1,790. Lebeau explains that the Keecker can navigate without bumping into things, thanks to its sensor. The robot can run for 6 consecutive hours without needing to be charged, meaning a consumer can project 3 movies in a row without needing to charge Keecker up. Smart speakers and smart home devices are on the rise. According to investment firm Cowen & Co., 6.5 million Americans are expected to use a voice-controlled speaker or virtual personal assistant at least once a month this year.