Hans-Holger Albrecht, CEO of Deezer, discusses the company's goal of tapping into local music markets across the globe to reach audiences that streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify do not. Hans talks not only Deezer's music offerings, but also about why audiobooks and sporting events allow the company to reach local audiences around the world. Hans notes the "sophisticated data algorithm" that the company uses to source music in various communities. Deezer is currently approaching global revenue of $300 million, and Hans believes there is a large opportunity for growth. He notes that only 10% of streaming audiences worldwide have been tapped. Right now, France and other countries across Europe and Latin America are Deezer's biggest opportunities for growth, and they are beginning to tap into the Asian market as well. Deezer recently launched a Roku channel that Hans says will give its premium subscription members an opportunity to take advantage of their memberships in more places.