Could a merger of SpaceX and Tesla be in Elon Musk's future? An analyst at Morgan Stanley seems to think so, writing a note that lays out several reasons why, he thinks, a full partnership between the two companies could happen. Linda Lacina, Managing Editor at Entrepreneur joins Cheddar to discuss the news.

Lacina says the two companies already share a lot of brain power. SpaceX engineers came up with a solution for an aluminum casting issue that saved Tesla 8 hours of work per car. Plus, employee's of both companies share resources and have similar workplace cultures.

As of now, Musk says this merger won't happen, but teased on Twitter that he was sending his "midnight cherry roadster" into space on the Falcon Heavy when it launches in 2018. Lacina talks about how Musk uses social media to build his brand, and also to get people excited about all the innovations within his companies.