The Purrr-fect Super Bowl Alternative: Kittens!

By Carlo Versano

Who needs Tom Brady when you've got kittens?

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Hallmark Channel will be home to the sixth annual Kitten Bowl, the annual matchup of some of the best (or at least, the cutest) cat-letes held to benefit the North Shore Animal League, the largest no-kill shelter and adoption agency in the U.S.

Beth Stern, host of the Kitten Bowl and spokesperson for North Shore (and wife to Howard), brought a pair of 12-week Siamese kittens to Cheddar Thursday to help promote a new event this year: the first-ever Cat Bowl.

The Cat Bowl is a showcase for the older ー perhaps less spry ー felines, some with special needs, who are also looking for their forever homes.

Stern said she hopes the two events will inspire viewers to adopt: "Their prize is a new addition to the family." In five years, 25,000 cats have been adopted as a result of the Kitten Bowl, she said.

Stern isn't just a spokeswoman. She and her shock-jock husband have fostered nearly 900 cats themselves over the years, and she uses the power of Instagram ー 450,000 followers and counting ー to advertise new feline friends who need adoption.

This year's Kitten Bowl kicks off at 2 p.m. EST Sunday and runs through the Super Bowl, just in case the game gets boring. The Cat Bowl premieres at 10 p.m. EST Saturday night.

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