The Rise of Nickelodeon Nostalgia

January 17, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

Drake Bell is all in on a "Drake and Josh" reboot.

The musician and actor says he'd "love to" team up with Josh Peck to bring back their hit early-2000's Nickelodeon sitcom. "The show is almost more popular now than when it was airing," the star says, crediting social media with its cultural staying power. He credits technology with keeping a show that's been off the air since 2007 popular enough to be regularly quoted and referenced by fans.

Bell tells Cheddar he and Peck often wonder how their experience as child stars would be different with today's social platforms. He says he remembers being on set when a friend told him about a new video sharing site called YouTube.

Now, he's also got a thriving YouTube channel with over 400,000 followers. He says it all started when he and the actor who played his dad on "Drake and Josh" posted an unofficial spin-off series that had fans coming back for more.

Bell is debuting a brand new sound with his latest EP, "Honest."

"The last albums I made were completely different than this," the singer says about returning to the studio. After working on covers, Bell shares, "I felt really deprived as a songwriter." Now he's back with four original songs and a pop-centric sound. Bell's focus on music doesn't mean he's stepping away from the acting world.

He tells Cheddar his goal is to record music, perform it on the road, and then work on acting projects when he's back at home in Los Angeles.

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