The Rise of Remote Working

January 23, 2018

In today's society, there are many alternative ways to work from telecommuting to co-working spaces, but what's in store for the future of this trend? Preston Pesek, Co-Founder & CEO of Spacious, and Jason Feifer, Editor-in-Chief at Entrepreneur, join This Changes Things to discuss how companies are encouraging their employees to work outside the office.

Spacious is an app that allows people to check into restaurants that don't open until 5 pm, and use the space as a working environment. Pesek says that mainly freelancers use the space. People can pay a membership fee of $95 a month and bill their company. He says this eliminates all the reimbursements that companies receive for meals or coffee from employees. It may even be financially smarter for the company.

Feifer says 65% of large companies are expected to use some form of co-working space by 2020. Pesek piggybacks off that, and discusses the social aspect of a co-working space. He believes networking is the main reason people want to join apps such as Spacious.