Straight out of Nashville, The Shadowboxers are turning heads in the music world with their new single "Hot Damn!"

Band members Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins, and Adam Hoffman stop by to preview their upcoming headlining shows in New York City. The group discussed how their journey performing live, how they developed their sound, and how YouTube helped propel their careers.

We also got the inside scoop on how The Shadowboxers met Justin Timberlake. The Grammy-winner signed the band to his record label, and spent time with the group in the studio, to help them with their hit single. The guys tell us the most important lessons they've learned from Timberlake, and give some predictions for his upcoming Super Bowl performance.

Finally, we discuss the band's over four million streams on Spotify. They say they're pro-streaming, and discuss how it's helped spread their sound to fans around the world.