The "Shady" History Behind Hot New App Vero

February 28, 2018

Vero is the hottest new social network in the app store. It claimed the number one spot this week and has been downloaded more than one million times. Taylor Lorenz, Tech Culture Reporter at The Daily Beast was with us to discuss why it has become so popular.

Vero surpassed 1 million downloads, but a handful of users are already calling for others to abandon the app due to the controversial past of its Founder and CEO, Ayman Hariri. Hariri served as deputy CEO and Vice Chairman of his family's construction company, Saudi Oger. During his time there, over 31,000 complaints of non-payment for wages were filed against the company. However, there have been no accusations against Vero.

Vero's success could suggest user frustration with Facebook and Instagram as users search for a social media platform without a flood of ads or algorithm-driven content. Vero planned to monetize through a subscription model, but lack of transparency and details have caused users to become skeptical.