Manuel Laboy, Puerto Rico's Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce, discusses the road ahead for the hurricane-ravaged U.S. territory and just how much Congress's recently-passed relief bill will help with its recovery. Laboy notes that it's his duty to create jobs and to rebuild the infrastructure with an emphasis on sustainability. The Secretary comments on the $36.5 billion relief bill passed by Congress for the hurricane and wildfire destruction throughout the U.S., noting that it's of utmost importance for Puerto Rico to restore its electric grid in a way that is sustainable for the long term. We talk the territory's deal with Tesla's solar division, which has already begun installing panels at a Puerto Rico hospital. Laboy also discusses the importance of partnering with Fortune 500 companies other than Tesla, like Johnson & Johnson, which can contribute to the growth of the economy overall. We also speak with Secretary Laboy about Puerto Rico's bid for Amazon's second headquarters. Although the bid was made before the hurricane destruction, he stands by his proposal and notes everything the people and economy of Puerto Rico has to offer, including the 4,000 engineers the territory produces annually.