The Startling Numbers Behind America's Dermatologist Drought

November 9, 2017
9mo ago
Skin cancer rates are rising at a startling rate in the United States. Among young women, rates of melanoma are up 800% since the 1970s. Despite the rising rate of skin cancer, there are surprisingly few dermatologists throughout the country. Tracy Middleton, Health Director at Women's Health Magazine, explains that much of America is actually a "derm desert." That means that the closest dermatologist is over 50 miles away. She says that can be dangerous for people, especially if they develop aggressive forms of skin cancer such as melanoma. Distance to the closest dermatologist isn't the only problem affecting skin health. The Women's Health report also found that the average wait time to get an appointment with a dermatologist in the U.S. is 35 days. For people who develop melanoma, that may not be quick enough. Doctors recommend that you get melanoma treated within 15 days of self-discovery to have the best results.