General Motor's CEO Mary Barra recently touted the automaker's position in the electric vehicle space. Barra said GM plans to sell 1 million electric vehicles by 2026. Automobile Magazine's Detroit Bureau Chief Todd Lassa breaks down the state of the market. Lassa says Barra's presentation shows GM is serious about taking Tesla on in the electric vehicle market. GM's manufacturing facilities and profits from conventional powered cars have posed the automaker to succeed, says Lassa. Meanwhile, he adds, Tesla will always be limited in its production capability. When looking at the luxury car market, Aston Martin just debuted its new Vantage model. The $150,000 car is already nearly sold out, just days after it became available for pre-order. Lassa says Aston Martin has banked on its connection to James Bond over the years. The high-end luxury car market continues to remain strong in this economy says Lassa. Notably, this will be the first year Aston Martin posts a profit since 2010.