'Stranger Things' is everywhere as more brands are jumping on the supernatural trend. Coca-Cola, Tide, and Baskin-Robbins are just a few to team up with Netflix. The streaming service has avoided advertising for years, but are they ready to cash in on the opportunity? Cheddar senior reporter Michelle Castillo breaks it all down.

Update: After publication of the story, Netflix clarified no company made direct payments to be featured in "Stranger Things," including Coke and Baskin Robbins. Many companies, like New Coke, were chosen because of their accuracy to the 1980s era and were written into the script before outreach to the brands, Netflix claims. Companies featured in the show were involved in marketing partnerships. They were allowed to use "Stranger Things" characters in certain products, which in turn helped promote the show.

Other companies like Nike, Lego and H&M participated in consumer product deals with Netflix. These companies paid a licensing fee to sell "Stranger Things" products.

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