The Sweet Treats That Want to Cure Your PMS

February 23, 2018
9mo ago

Sometimes it seems like a satisfied sweet tooth is the only thing that can cure a case of PMS, and one company is turning that association into a reality. Devon Loftus joins Cheddar to discuss the mission behind her company, Moon Cycle Bakery. She says she's out to encourage women to redefine their "time of the month" through her hormone-supported treats.

She reveals why she's teaming up with nutritionists and acupuncturists to create her recipes. The recipes are designed to empower women to meet their cravings without the guilt. Loftus says she hopes other industries will begin implementing products that promote women's health.

She explains how she created the first hormone-supportive natural sweet treats company. We learn that she got the idea during her bachelorette party. The founder also gives a look at what's to come for the quickly-growing brand.