The Tampon-Delivery Company Whose Customers Call From the Bathroom

February 8, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

When Alexandra Friedman co-founded LOLA, an organic tampon company, she hoped to fulfill the needs of women by engaging them in constant conversation. She recently revealed to Cheddar just how far that conversation has gone at times.

“My favorite tidbit is that customers have actually called us from the bathroom,” Friedman told Cheddar.

She says being in contact with her customers has helped her hone in on the company’s mission.

“We’re women building a brand for women, and we want it to reflect the needs of women throughout their lives,” Friedman told us.

LOLA prides itself on incorporating customer feedback into its products.

Founded in 2013, LOLA is a subscription-based tampon company that offers women organic products. The company offers customizable assortments delivered to your door.

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