"Nancy Cartwright, voice of Bart Simpson and writer and producer of the film ""In Search of Fellini,"" talks about her storied career on ""The Simpsons"" and the real-life events that inspired her new film. Nancy does her famous Bart impression, causing the entire Cheddar team to geek out over the iconic character. She also talks about how her new film came to fruition, after a trip abroad when she was in her 20s. In the 90s, she initially wanted to tell the story as a play and, as her voiceover career picked up, the story evolved into a film. The movie takes viewers on the journey of a naive young woman and the intricate relationship she has with her mother. She says she fell in love with the making of her freshman feature and wants to do more. Cartwright closes the segment with another Bart impression, but before that, she gives people trying to find themselves a piece of advice - don't follow the money, follow your passion. "