Jennifer Cunningham, senior editor at, and Gary Lipovetsky, CEO and Editor-in-chief of Providr, weigh in on the recent allegations of sexual harassment and assault coming out against some of Hollywood's biggest players. We talk about Harvey Weinstein and how the women who spoke out against him seemed to have opened up a door for other women...and tell their stories. In the latest development, eight "House of Cards" staffers made allegations of either harassment or sexual assault against star Kevin Spacey. Cunningham discusses the grey area that comes up in the workplace and when employees should go to their Human Resources representative. Lipovetsky notes that he hopes more people speak out, but that the bigger struggle is getting the behavior to stop. He says he has complete disdain for people using their power to hurt others. We dig into whether these men will face real repercussions. Cunningham feels we're already seeing it, with the Weinstein company's latest film being a flop. Lipovetsky counters a bit, adding that "money talks," and because these men are so powerful, the long-term impact of these accusations may be short-lived.