The battle for users rages on in social media. The big players in the industry all released a number of new products, and some, like Snapchat, unveiled redesigns to draw people in. Did it pay off?

Diply President Dan Lagani takes a look at the winners and losers in 2017. Diply conducted a survey looking at how people are using social media apps and sites. Facebook, unsurprisingly, came out on top as the most popular platform. What is surprising, however, is that millennials are 45 times more likely to use Facebook than Twitter, and that lead is expected to grow.

When asked which platform they would be most likely to delete in 2018, respondents put LinkedIn at the top of their list. Following closely behind were Twitter and Snapchat. After Snap's major revenue miss this year, the company needs a big boost to turn things around in the new year.