North Korea and South Korea shocked the world by announcing plans to march under a unified flag at the upcoming Winter Olympic Games. FHM's Nick Dimengo joins Cheddar to discuss whether the news will increase interest in the games. Dimengo says the event has historically struggled with TV ratings and will gladly accept any positive press coming its way.

Next, we preview the NFL's Conference Championship weekend. Dimengo walks us through the potential Super Bowl match-ups and reveals which ones he thinks will draw the biggest ratings. Find out why he thinks a Minnesota Vikings vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl would be a dream for the NFL.

Finally, we look ahead to the NBA's All-Star Game. The league is changing up the format of the event this year, with captains drafting teams from a pool voted on by fans, players, and the media. Dimengo says he thinks it's a mistake for the NBA to opt out of televising the inaugural draft.