This year will see a historic number first-time female candidates seeking public office. Shay White is running to be the first African-American and first woman elected to Oklahoma's House District 77. She joins Cheddar to discuss her boundary-breaking campaign. White is a first-generation college graduate in her family, and grew up in poverty in Southern Louisiana.

White discusses why so many women are inspired to run for office this year. She puts things in the context of the second annual Women's March, and shares the story of when she first realized her political ambitions as a child. White describes the primary roadblocks standing in her way as she seeks higher office.

The candidate says that if she were a white man, people would be falling at her feet. She adds that, because of her race and gender, they're more inclined to classify her campaign as "cute." White discusses how she plans on changing the status quo, and what messages are resonating the most with voters. Voters will head to the polls in White's district this June.