When it comes to oysters, you either love them or you don't. Chris Quartuccio is trying to convert more people to the first category. He's the Chief Decision Maker at Blue Island Oysters and joins us to tell us everything we need to know about the iconic shellfish. Quartuccio started his company in 1995 at his oyster farm off the coast of Long Island. Twenty two years later, the company churns out over half a million oysters a year. Now they're the number one clam and oyster distributor in New York. He tells us what's behind the "oyster boom" and gives advice on what to look for the next time you order them at a restaurant. Finally, we dig in to three of Chris's oysters. He tells us about what distinguishes different types of oyster, and how to properly eat one. He's even got a licensing deal with The Naked Cowboy, and fills us in on how it came to be.