2017 has been a tough year for major mergers and acquisitions: Qualcomm rejected Broadcom's bid for the company, the Department of Justice halted the AT&T and Time Warner deal, and Sprint called off talks with T-Mobile. Tuna Amobi, Analyst at CFRA Research and Jeff Tomasulo, CEO at Vespula Capital join Cheddar to discuss the space. When it comes to Qualcomm, Tomasulo says there are no benefits for Qualcomm in this deal. But if Broadcom added another $35 billion to its bid then maybe Qualcomm will start to listen. He thinks that the chipmaker needs to get the Apple lawsuit under control before it can start talking about mergers with other companies. As far as AT&T and Time Warner, Amobi says both companies want this deal to go through. He says it's hard to get a read on what the Department of Justice is trying to do in this situation. He doesn't believe CNN could stand on its own and feels both companies need the scale the other provides. Tomasulo believes this comes down to politics.This is a question of whether the Department of Justice has changed its view of these types of mergers or if this purely a political card being played by President Trump and his administration because of CNN. He says if you look at history, at least over the past 20 years, a deal like this would be approved.