Black Friday is less than 48 hours away, and companies including Amazon are slashing prices on some gadgets to all-time lows. Seth Weintraub, Publisher at 9to5toys, and Trevor Daugherty, Senior Editor at 9to5toys, joined us to uncover some of the best deals for Thanksgiving Week. Weintraub brings a handful of gadgets on set to showcase the tech you might want to add to your shopping cart. Weintraub starts by sharing an Amazon Echo look-alike that has Amazon's tech inside. He also reveals headphones with a built-in google assistant, calling them the best headphones out there. If you don't mind your ears getting a little warm, he thinks they are a better buy than Google's new AirPod competitors. Trevor weighs in and shares the top 10 deals for Black Friday. He says the DJISpark drone is a great deal at $390 for whoever is trying to get into drones. Weintraub says the first generation Apple Watch for $179 is a no-brainer. He doesn't even know if that deal will last until Black Friday.