Many people see PlayStation as a hardware company that creates gaming consoles.

But it’s actually much more like Netflix and HBO, according to Asad Qizilbash, the Sony unit’s Vice President of Marketing.

“We really see PlayStation as more of an entertainment brand. And really that...PlayStation box is just a doorway into a whole world of entertainment.”

Sony has 12 studios that create exclusive games for the platform, and that keeps gamers loyal, explained Qizilbash.

“Our exclusive games are absolutely crucial.”

“God of War”, which has a massive following in the gaming world, is one example of an exclusive title.

The new version, which Qizilbash said has evolved tremendously from the previous, will be released on April 20th.

“The things that people love about ‘God of War,’ we’ve kept,” said Qizilbash. But Kratos, the protagonist, now has a son, which adds more depth to the storyline.

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