Growing a family hobby into a nearly $10 million business is no easy feat.

So, how did McClure’s Pickles do it?

“Focus is the key for successful growth,” Bob McClure, co-owner of the pickling company, told Cheddar Wednesday. “Expanding before you have really reached your core consumer deeply can start to tip the scales in the direction that isn’t preferred.”

McClure’s roots in the specialty go back generations. He and his family would spend every summer recreating his great-grandmother Lala’s pickle recipe. And the one-time aspiring actor moved from New York City back to Detroit and turned the tradition into a business.

He says the company, which is turning a profit, has received takeover offers in the past but has so far remained independent.

You can find the $9 pickle jars at retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger...and they’ve even developed a cult following in Australia and New Zealand!

“They have a huge craving for American brands. Their barbecue and burger scene down there is remarkable. Every burger product they’re cooking, they’re putting a McClure’s pickle in there...It’s a good value add for us.”

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