This App Wants to Cut Through #Sponsored Content Clutter

February 2, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

It's not easy looking for product recommendations online. Swearby Founder and CEO Kate Foster Lengyel joins Cheddar to discuss how her app-based platform lets consumers hear from honest enthusiasts rather than paid bloggers. She explains the company's central idea that, "there's stuff, and then there's stuff you swear by."

Swearby uses both an app and an editorial website to provide consumers with reliable recommendations that aren't tied to sponsored bloggers. Foster Lengyel explains how it works, and generates revenue despite cutting influencers out of the equation. The company prides itself on its transparency and creative communication.

Foster Lengyel previously was the CMO of NYDJ, the #1 women's denim department store brands. She reveals her experiences seeing the world of paid misleading product recommendations firsthand and how it inspired her to create her new business. Swearby is currently a part of the A51 WeWork incubator.